Monday, March 21, 2016

Wellie Wishers

Hi everybody.

So much for a second day of spring. At least I have taken some outdoor photography ahead of time.

Have you heard of Wellie Wishers? Well, if you haven't, they are going to soon be a new product of American Girl. I am sorry to say that I don't have pictures because I am sure that the leaked ones are from Mattel so I can not put them on my blog but a good blog with some good leaked pictures who probably got permission is Poppets & Posies. Wellie wishers are a new line from American Girl of 15 inch dolls. The only sad part about this is that there is a rumor on the web that when Wellie Wishers come out, American Girl is retiring Bitty Babies, Bitty Twins or both. I never even got a pair of Bitty Twins. On the bright side, Wellie Wishers do look adorable and I am definitely getting one when they come out. They remind me a lot of hearts for hearts dolls. The first one I would probably get would be the red head. Do you like Wellie Wishers? Will you get one when they come out? Will you miss Bitty Baby/Bitty Twin? I would love to hear your answers in the comments. (:


  1. It will PROBABLY only be Bitty Twins- they only redid Bitty Baby like, maybe 2 years ago? And they sell pretty well. Bitty Twins do not exactly fit the age range they need to fit.

  2. I'm glad they would keep bitty babies but I will be so sad to see bitty twins go. They are so adorable.