Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My trip to the AG Store Part 3

Hi everyone. Yesterday I showed you the Truly Me displays and such with the hair salon and today I have some final photos of my trip. These last few photos are GOTY Lea Clark and some Beforever.

Let's start out with Lea.
Lea Clark.jpg
This is a model of Lea with everything she comes with. I think that the accessories that come with the GOTY dolls get better and better. First the GOTY came with a ring, then pink hair extensions, then a charm bracelet and now Lea comes with a messenger bag and a compass necklace. The doll also comes with this beautiful meet outfit and a book.
This is the gorgeous Lea Clark in her Bahia outfit next to a stove that comes with her rainforest house.
Here is another fun display that you can model and play with. Lea on the right is wearing her rain forest hiking outfit and accessories and Lea on the left is wearing her Mix and match swimsuit set in her Ocean Kayak set.
Lea's beach outfit.jpg
This Lea looks nice and comfortable in her Beach outfit. For this year only and while supplies last, if you buy Lea and her accessories, you can make a bundle for only $28 more to get Lea, her accessories and her beach dress which you can’t buy on its own.This is what I told the family. I sound like a sales person XD
Here is a cute display of Lea in her hiking outfit and accessories hanging out with a Margay cat.
Lea's lifesized house.jpg
Here we have a life sized version of Lea and her beach house! They have this every year with the different Girl of the year dolls and they are so cute. Now I have saved the best Lea item for last…

Lea's house.jpg
Lea’s beach house! This is Lea’s big ticket item and there are SO many smaller items in it as well. You can see more of Lea items here.

Now to the Beforever collection. Sorry I don’t have much. I was so distracted that I missed a whole section of the AG store which happened to be most of the Beforever displays but I still do have some good pictures. (:

IMG_0842 (2).JPG
Let's start out with Julie Albright. She is a beautiful doll and it is so fun to see how my parents lived in the 80’s. I remember last year my mom went crazy for Julie and she said that she wore cloths very similar to Julie's when she was a kid. American Girl is even making a movie about her. They have already made a short 15 minute movie about Julie. This short movie is adorable (I have already watched it 4 times) and you can find it here.

Julie Albright.jpg
Here is Julie hanging out in her egg chair. I think that Julie’s bed is adorable. Before they changed the design, I wanted this bed more than anything.

IMG_0856 (1).JPG
Here’s Maryellen hanging out with Scooter on a lazy Saturday watching T.V. Did you know that at the same time as Julie, American Girl released a Maryellen short movie? You can find it here.
Here is a kit display of some of her collection. I have to say that I miss her treehouse. In my opinion, Kit has the best outfits that look great on any doll. Comment below which Beforever character do you think has the best cloths. I highly recommend her holiday outfit even if you don't have kit (it looks AMAZING on Rebecca). I think I might do a review of it soon.
Last but certainly not least, here is a Melody book and a flyer. Did you see her on CBS news when they did an interview? You can find out more about Melody here. You can also find some leaked photos of her here.

Here are some bonus pictures:
Next to the cash register, they played Mckenna. They sell all of the past American Girl movies weather it is Beforever or past GOTY.
One really cute feature at the American Girl Doll Store Natick is the book section where they have the dolls displayed next to their book collections including Truly Me dolls.

Thanks for reading. Come back tomorrow to see what I got.


  1. I can't wait to see what you got!:D

  2. Random question
    About the Julie movie is going to be like other ag movies ex McKenna, Samantha etc.

  3. So far, they have a 15 minute short for Julie and Maryellen and they are both awesome and I think they will make others for the dolls that will be a full movie but I am not positive. Thanks for commenting (: