Monday, March 21, 2016

My new doll naming

Hey everybody. As you know, I am getting my first Truly Me doll and I am SO excited for her to arrive. Anyways, I cant think of many names for her. So far, the name I was leaning to the most would be Ashley but I am also considering Hannah because I will make her a mini me and that is my name. What do all of you think? Should I go with Hannah or should I give her a different name? I would love to hear name suggestions because I am lost. I know you have done this on other websites like happyhouseofag or on littlehouseofamericangirl but here, the name will be for a doll that I will actually have so wont this be fun (: ? (surprise) The doll I purchased was Truly Me doll #59. I will somehow find a way to curl her hair but first, I should wait for her to arrive. (:

Some of the names I was thinking of would be...







Hannah (My name)


This picture above was taken by American Girl and Wikia. I take no credit for it because I was not the one who took it. Below is an MLA citation for the picture. (:

Just Like You 59. Wikia. March 21 2016. Picture


  1. Natalie Hannah- Your name, but NOT your name, you know?

  2. Yea. Good idea. Thank you for the suggestion (:

  3. I have this doll!!!!!!!!! She is so stinkin' cute! I named her Brooke, and you're welcome to name her the same thing, but I also love Chloe and Harper for her. Oh, and she kind of looks like a Hailey!

  4. She is really cute. Brooke is a pretty name. Hailey is a cute name to. I have decided to use Harper. Thank you for the name suggestion (: