Saturday, March 26, 2016

All of My dolls March 2016

Hi everybody. As you all know, tomorrow is Easter! For this special occasion, I have a big group photo of all of my dolls. I sadly do not have my new doll in this picture because she still is not here yet. If you want to learn more about my dolls, you can click here.

All of my dolls

In this picture, All of my dolls are in their Easter outfits. Grace and Rebecca are wearing dresses I got at a festival at a booth a few years ago. Grace is wearing the shoes from Kits holiday outfit and Rebecca is wearing the shoes from Maryellens meet outfit(they actually look very much a like). Rebecca is also wearing a bow from Claire's. Samantha is wearing Maryellens meet outfit except for the shoes that are from Grace's city outfit and the tights are from Kits holiday outfit. Maryellen is wearing the Shimmer & Lace party dress except for the hair ties ( I don't know where I got the hair ties). Finally, Kailey is wearing a build a bear dress, A hair bow and a bun maker from Claire's and some boots from a retired AG outfit. I figured since Kailey enjoys riding with Cinnamon, she would want to wear some riding boots so she could look good while riding on Cinnamon.

If your not to busey celebrating, come back tomorrow to see a photo shoot with Maryellen and an Easter lamb.

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