Sunday, March 13, 2016

My trip to the AG Store part 1

Hello everyone. As I told you yesterday, I went to the American Girl doll Store Natick which is close to Boston. I took quite a few pictures and I will try to use less than I have (I have over 100 pictures!) so I will divide my pictures by day. Today will be in store exclusives, Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins. I also want to apologize for the poor quality in my pictures, since I didn't know I was going, I used my phone’s camera.

Let's start off with Bitty Baby’s
Bitty Baby and box.jpg
I love this box with the heart. It is so adorable.

Here is a little area where kids can go up to the scene and play. I think when I was little, I had a baby doll bath tub just like that. (:

New bitty baby spring line.jpg
These Bitty Babies look like they are having a blast with the new Fun flamingo swim set.

When you purchase a Bitty Baby, you get a free sleeper. You get to chose from these three sleepers.
The pretty Picnic outfit looks so adorable especially on this bitty baby.You can see my shadow in the glass. (:
The daisy petals outfit is my favorite Bitty Baby outfit in retail today.

Now to the Bitty Twins.
There boxes are just as cute if not cuter than the Bitty Babies.
Here are all of the Bitty Twins on display.The only weird thing is that one of them is missing. I wonder why. I think bitty Twins are adorable and I do plan on getting a pair someday. IMG_0870.JPG
There isn’t much for Bitty Twins but I wanted to take a picture of at least one display because I think bitty Twins are just so cute.

Now on to the in store exclusives. It was so exciting to see all of them.
This dress is ADORABLE! I really wish I could have bought it on its own. You can only find this outfit in Stores and you can only purchase on if you spend $50 or more. This set includes the dress and the headband.

Here is another set of in Store exclusives. The shoes you can find online but you can only get the skirt and the shirt in Stores. They come separately for $10 each.
This is another example. The shoes and the sandals come together and you can buy the shirt and pants for $10 each. You can get the sunglasses online but this doll is rocking this overall outfit.
In store outfit.jpg
Here is an outfit I put together. I absolutely love the AG jeans.

Thanks for reading. Come back tomorrow for Truly me and the Doll hair Salon. If you check out my Instagram, you'll get a sneak peek.


  1. Oooh! I am SO jealous! I would LOVE to buy one of those exclusives- XP!

  2. The bitty's are so cute!:) I've heard that AG might be retiring them though at one point...

    1. Yeah, and replacing it with Wellie Wishers- a new line of dolls. -cries-

  3. I heard that to. Wellie Wishers are so cute and I am definitely getting one when they come but I am so upset they are retiring Bitty baby. Hopefully they will give me some time to get a set of Bitty twins before they retire. ):