Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My trip to the AG Store part 4

Hi everyone.Happy hump day. Before I show you what I got from the AG Store Natick, I want to give a shout out. Today I want to give a shout out to Kara at 13dollworld. She is a great blogger and I was so happy when I found out she gave my blog the title of blog of the week #9. She has a great blog that you should definitely check out.

Now to the reveal.

Are you ready to see what I got at the AG Place Natick? Due to bad weather and me catching the Flu, I did the photography inside but thanks to my handy backdrop, I was able to do it in style.

The first item I got was the sparkle sneakers. I have wanted these sneakers for a while and I am so ready to mix and match these shoes with all kinds of different outfits.
The next item I got was this in store exclusive t-shirt.
AG tee.jpg
On the front, this tee shirt is red with stars and sequins on it. Most American Girl Doll Stores will have these shirts and they will say where you got them from like how this one says Boston on the front. These make great souvenirs.
AG back of tee 2.jpg
The back of the tee shirt is a solid red with velcro.
The shirt also came with a hanger.
The final item I got were these doll jeans. I am so happy I got them and I absolutely LOVE them. This is what they look like from the front. These jeans are an in store exclusive.
This is what these jeans look like from the back.
Jean pocket.jpg
It says American Girl on the back pocket and it has the American Girl star on the front.
IMG_0301.JPGI also want to tell you how much I love the hanger that came with the doll pants. It can fits both the shirt and the pants so that way I can use the hanger I got with the tee shirt for a new dress I just got from Etsy. Oops! I have said too much!
Here is the overall outfit on Rebecca. I want to thank my grandmother and my Aunt for bringing me to the Store and for buying this outfit for me. I really like this outfit and next time, there was another in store exclusive I had my eye on for when I bring my money. Comment below if you have an in store exclusive outfit or item and were you got it from.
Here's a bonus picture of Rebecca and chocolate chip because pets make everything better. (:

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