Meet the girls


Her nickname is Sam. Samantha was my first American Girl doll I got when I was 6. She is my only historical doll (Before Beforever) My aunt and uncle first discovered American Girl and brought me on a special trip to the American Girl doll Store New York. Now I have been saving up for the past 5 years so I can go again with my mom to the AG store New York and to stay at one of the Hotels partnering with AG.

After I got Samantha, I instantly fell in love with AG. I got Kailey for Christmas when I was 7 or 8 and she has been well loved ever since. She was my first GOTY doll and I soon plan on sending Kailey to the American Girl doll hospital. Comment below if you want to learn more about the American Girl doll hospital.

Rebecca is my first Beforever doll (Sam was a historical which was before Beforever when they had different face molds). I got her in the beginning of 2015. I had started to save up for her early 2014 when I really started my love of collecting American girl dolls. I got her with my own money.

To be honest, I wasn't that amazed at Grace when I first saw her in the catalog in January 2015 but each day after that, I started wanting her more and more until I finally got her for Christmas 2015 and I LOVED her. She is my second GOTY doll.

Maryellen is my Fifth doll. Her nickname is Ellie. I also got her for Christmas/Birthday from my wonderful and generous Aunt and Uncle in 2015. A year before she came out, I saw a leaked picture of one of her prototypes on google and I instantly LOVED her. I waited and waited and waited until almost a year later, she came out and I wouldn't stop talking about her to my supportive Aunt and my Birthday is close to Christmas so she and my Uncle got her for me. The best part about getting her was my Aunt and Uncle got her during the charity american girl was helping out so when I got Maryellen, a girl in need got a new doll to.

Harper Noelle is my 6th doll. She is A Truly Me doll that I bought with my own money in 2016. She is Truly Me doll #59 and she is my first Truly Me doll.

My 7th doll is Lea Clark. I bought Lea with my own money at the AGP Boston before her movie event. Lea Clark is Girl of the year 2016.

And finally, my 8th doll is Sophie Jane. I got Sophie on July 15th at the AGP Boston with my own money. Sophie is Truly Me doll #21 and she is my second Truly Me doll.



  1. That card is so sweet! Your dolls are very cute!

  2. I love your dolls! And that card is just the sweetest! :)

  3. All of your dolls are so cute!:) I love Maryellen's profile picture!:)

    1. Thank you. I will have a photo shoot including Maryellens profile picture up soon. (:

  4. Question: You said that in BeForever the dolls got new face molds? I thought that the molds stayed practically the same, they just changed outfits, discontinued BFF dolls, made new collections, etc?

    By the way- Kailey. Is. Adorable.

    1. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments. Also, it was subtle but yes. The Beforever dolls have different face molds and other small differences like how the historical Samantha has feathered eyebrows and the Beforever one has lined eyebrows.