Friday, March 25, 2016

Samantha's painting set review

Hi everyone. Today I have a new review. I got this set for Christmas and I still have all of the pieces and the box so here is my review (I’m sorry that the photography is not very good, I took this awhile ago). (:


Today, I am reviewing Samantha’s Painting set.
This is a Beforever item for ages 8+. This set comes with an easel, a pretend paint stand, a palette, a paintbrush and a finished doll sized painting.

Here is the easel in size comparison to Samantha. One of the pro’s of this piece is it can lie flat so it can be portable. It is made of a plastic that can break easily so you would want to be careful with it. This is the main piece of this set and the only problem of this piece is it keeps falling down and collapsing.

This set also comes with a finished doll sized painting that fits perfectly on the easel.
This is a picture of the painting on the easel.
Finally, this set comes with a case that has the paintbrush, the pallette and the paints inside of it.
I give this overall set 4 out of 5 stars. This set will come in handy for some photoshoots and the only problem I had was the easel. I recommend this to doll lovers who have a special creative side. The best part about this set is that it has a special place in Samantha’s collection but it can be used today as well.

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