Monday, March 14, 2016

My trip to the AG Store Part 2

Are you guys ready for my trip to the AG store part 2? Today I will go over my pictures of Truly me and the doll hair salon. I wanted to get some pictures of the cafe but I sadly did not get to go and I couldn't get any pictures without showing people's faces.

Let's start with the Truly me items.
IMG_0881.JPGIMG_0884 (1).JPG
Near the escalator, there is this little area full of doll travel items. I especially like the accessories case and the zip pouch for girls but the accessories case is $48!

IMG_0898 (1).JPG
One of my favorite things about the American Girl doll store I love is the displays and the little sections they put off for one particular item like how the on the walls put up an outfit so you can see everything that comes with a particular outfit like with what they did with the recess ready outfit above.
Here are some more examples above. These outfits are the shimmer and doodle outfit and the soccer outfit.
Here is a fun display of two girls Camping with their dog probable going to a lake to swim. Only your imagination can say. (:
Here is another pretty display.

IMG_0910 (1).JPG
Jazz class time. I almost got this set when I got Rebecca. This outfit is so cute.
Go team! Ready for practice?
IMG_0960 (1).JPG
This scene is my favorite. Yoy can see me in the background though.
How much fun would this be? Ballet dancing with a kitten (:
Looking good on the top shelf where everyone can see. (:
I love how these scenes can have a mix between many different sets like in this one.
Doesn't this outfit and this hat go so well  together. I love AG hats.
Here is one of the two of the Truly me doll cases. The other was being used by a nice family and a store helper. I think it was their first American Girl doll. Comment below who was your first American Girl doll and how did you learn about them?
This display is a wonderful example of Truly me dolls, what they come with and how you can customize them with different names, outfits and overall personalities.
Here are all of the AG pets in a case. What happened to Coconut? ):

Now on to the Doll hair salon.

Here is what it looks like. Today for some reason, the hair salon was mostly deserted.
IMG_0935 (1).JPG
There are many doll hairstyles and packages to chose from including the pampering plus package and the Spa Deluxe package. The pampering plus package is $5 more on your hair style and includes a soft scrub of their face and limbs and for 18 inch dolls only, you get nail decals.
IMG_0956 (1).JPG
The image above is what comes with the Spa Deluxe package. The Spa Deluxe package is $15 and it comes with a soft scrub of the doll's face and limbs and all of the items above. My favorite part is now you can't see it in the picture but the nail decals are now sparkly! I am probably going to get this for Samantha if I don't bring her to the American Girl doll hospital. You can find out more about this here.
Every year, American Girl comes out with a girl of the year and at the doll hair salon, the have a Girl of the year hairstyle. This is the style for this year's Lea Clark.
I personally feel that this package needs some more publicity. I absolutely adore this package and I definitely will get it for one of my dolls someday. This comes with a styling session at the doll hair salon and comes with a special hair style and a tiara for your doll. This package is $25.
Doll ear piercing.jpg
At the American Girl doll hair salon, you can also have your doll's ears pierced. You get a free set of earrings with the piercing and If you have Lea Clark, you can get special earrings with the piercings. They had the same thing with Grace but I didn't get her ears pierced in time.
Look how cute this is. A girl must have just gotten this doll and gave her the deluxe hairstyle. It looks great on this doll.

Thanks for reading. Tune in tomorrow to see my final photos.


  1. My first AG doll was Molly...
    I found out about her through a catalog. My family had a subscription. She was being discontinued, and I broke down and flat out begged for someone to give me her... :P

  2. That is really nice. Molly is a beautiful doll. I remember when I was younger and I didn't have a computer yet. I would get so excited when I got a catalog and I would take turns with my little sis to put our initials next to the things we would want.