Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My opening of Harper (doll #59)

I promised you guys. Today I have to present to you, my opening of Harper (doll #59)! I was so excited and took so many pictures as I opened her. On my doll bucket list (it is not a literal list), I have always wanted to make an opening video to put onto youtube. I have always wanted a Youtube account but unless I make a step by step script that I act out a million times, I always mess up with something but someday I will make an opening doll video.

Hallelujah (:

Tada! Here she is. My American Girl doll #59! As you already know, I have decided on the name Harper.
She first came with this new catalog which for some reason did not show up on my catalog app so it will be fun to read.
Here are the petals and plaid pj’s that came with my bundle. I will have an opening post up soon.
Here she is all boxed up.
Since this is my first Truly Me doll, I decided to take some pictures of her box. The Truly me doll box will look like this. It has these designs, the dolls picture in the bottom right corner and a circle in the front to see the doll’s face. This will come in handy when you are at the store and want to find the perfect doll with no scratches and straight eyes. I luckily got a doll with no scratches and straight eyes but you typically would want to buy your doll in the store so you can get the perfect doll that you will be happy with.
Isn’t she gorgeous?
Here she is. I may have taken too many pictures.
What can I say? I was just so excited and she is just so pretty.
Here we have the little activity that comes with truly Me dolls and I will have a separate post for that because it is just so cute.
American Girl doll #59.jpg
Here she is. Freshly out of the box
Here is a close up of her beautiful face. For some reason, it was hard for me to take off her hair net. I also for the first time had her hair net stuck to the box. I had seen it on AGTube but for some reason, this was the first time for me.
Now this I did not expect. Apparently, American Girl kept the neck strings for Truly Me dolls. I figured she wouldn't have neck strings because no Lea doll has neck strings but apparently they kept them for Truly Me. Please comment below have you gotten a Beforever doll in 2016 and did she have neck strings? This I must find out!
If you get any doll with straight or wavy or even wavy/curly hair, you will get this tag. This tag basically tells you how to care for your doll with straight hair.

Tada. Here she is in her fully unboxed glory. She is such a beautiful doll and I am so happy that I have added her to my collection. Do you have a Truly Me doll? Come back tomorrow to see her full outfit and the activity that comes with her.


  1. I've mentioned it before, but I have this very same truly me doll! I love her so much. Didn't you, like, just die when you felt her hair?? It's SOO soft!!

  2. It was. I was literally jumping up and down screaming when I found the giant package and the doll sized package on my doorstep. Sometimes my mom likes to surprise me on holidays so the mail man thought he had to hide it so it was at the back door of my house. XD