Thursday, March 24, 2016

All of my doll pets Spring 2016

Hi everybody. You have met all of my dolls but today I am going to show you all of my doll pets.

Let's start off with the dogs.
First we have sugar. She looks like this because when I was 7, she had an incident with the washing machine and the dryer. She is one of the first types of AG pets and permanently sits. She has no limbs to pose but she does have a cute bow and a sweet collar with her name on it.
Next, we have Chocolate Chip. He is a chocolate Lab and he does have limbs but unfortunately are stern and do not pose. He does however have a cute collar with his name on it.
Here we have Coconut. She is my most recent doll pet that I got when I purchased Rebecca. She is fluffy and soft unlike Chocolate Chip, she has posable limbs. She also has a magnet in her mouth so with truly me pet outfits and other merchandise, she can hold onto things with her mouth. She did not come with a collar but she did come with a bone that she can hold with her mouth. You can find some of the doll pet items available at American Girl currently here.

Now to the doll Horses. I got them both in a set for Christmas the year I got Kailey.

The first horse I have is Cinnamon.
Finally, we have Belle. She is a pony I got with Cinnamon. Did you know that Belle is Latin for beauty?
Here is a size comparison between Belle and Cinnamon.
Hope you enjoyed. Tell me In the comments what doll pets do you have?

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