Friday, March 11, 2016

Rebecca and the flowers

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t had many pictures in my most recent posts. Today I have done a photoshoot/photostory of Rebecca in her spring outfit, coconut and chocolate chip inspired by happyhouseofag. I hope you enjoy.

Hey everybody, my name is Rebecca and as you might be able to tell by my dress, I love flowers and of course spring.
IMG_0139.JPGIMG_0140.JPGAhh. Spring is so calming. IMG_0141.JPGIMG_0144.JPG           I even got a bunch of fresh flowers from the back yard. IMG_0142.JPG
Here comes Coconut to pay me a visit. She loves to photobomb. Typical show dog (:   IMG_0145.JPG                “Oh no! Coconut has the flowers!”IMG_0147.JPGGreat, now we lost the flowers. Oh well, who can stay mad at Coconut? IMG_0150.JPGIMG_0151.JPGJust look at this face. IMG_0154.JPGSweet, here comes Chocolate Chip.
IMG_0152.JPG Wait a second. Chocolate Chip has the flowers!

My dogs are the best.

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