Monday, March 7, 2016

Review of AG pizza party set

Hello everybody. Its Hannah here and today I will review the pizza party set from american girl.


This is what the set looks like in the box. This set includes two paper plates, two doll sized cherry sodas, a game of blokus, a pizza box, 5 individual slices of pizza, a pizza tray, a doll sized slumber party book and two doll napkins.


This set is a truly me set with this box.


This set includes choking hazards and is recommended for kids ages 8+.

This set includes two pink paper plates for your dolls.


A doll sized slumber wonders book that your dolls can really read!


Two doll sized napkins that fold out. I have to say that I am a little disappointed with this piece because it is only two pieces of tissue paper that can rip very easily.


This is the part my dolls will be using the most. Two doll sized cherry sodas with bendy straws! I absolutely LOVE this piece.


This is also a great piece of this set. The pizza! It comes with a pizza box, a heart shaped pizza tray and five individual slices of pizza for your dolls to eat.


The last and certainly not least part of this set is the doll blokus game. This game has a blokus game box for all of the pieces that looks just just like the real thing! This piece also has the board has a bunch of tiny blokus pieces with the colors yellow, red, green and blue.

As you can see, my dolls are going to use this set frequently together and separate. I give this set five out of five stars and I definitely recommend it.


  1. Your dolls are cute! :) Nice review. My favorite part is is Blokus game.

  2. Great review! I didn't know about the bendy straws and that the pizza came in individual slices - that's awesome! :D