Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2 new Etsy packages

Hi everyone. Every day feels like weeks waiting for #59 but until then, I have another Etsy package for yall today from LoriLizGirlsandDolls And CircleCSewing.

First, I have this package from LoriLizGirlsandDolls. She wrapped it very nice with a sweet purple bow and a unique sticker on it. This looks so cute.
American Girl doll Etsy.jpg
I love this sticker.
Almost there. She wrapped this package nice so nothing could get damaged. (:
Tada. Here is the cute tee shirt I got. It says young wild & free on a white tank top. If you check out LoriLizGirlsandDolls Etsy shop, she has a huge variety of adorable tee shirts and more.
The back is a plain white tank top with velcro.
Next is this package from CircleCSewing.
American girl doll Etsy shorts.jpg
Here we are. I thought these shorts would go perfectly with the tee shirt and are perfect for summer especially because I might have a few photo shoots in Cape Cod this summer. They are a gray color with little anchors on them.
This is what the shorts look like like from behind.

American girl doll Grace.jpg
This is what the overall outfit looks like on Grace. I think it looks adorable and perfect for summer. Looks like Grace is a few months early for Camp Doll Diaries. (:

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed.

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