Saturday, April 30, 2016

A close call- A photo story

Hi everybody. Today I want to show you a little photo story I made when Grace and Harper first arrived. This is the second post I made in Cape Cod out of three or four. I still haven’t decided if I want to use another photo story I made. I am proud to present to you. “A close call”.
The two sisters finally took their items out of the car and stood in front of the small house in front of them. “So, this is it?”. Harper asked her sister. This was the first time she had ever seen anything beyond Hannah’s yard and the orphanage she lived in before she was adopted. Her sister Grace gave a sigh and responded “Yes. Houses here are really expensive and this is actually a really nice one. There's even a beach down the street.”
“OOOOOOH! There's a beach?! I have always wanted to go to one! I guess you're right. This place does seem cute.”.
Their dog Chocolate Chip started to wander around sniffing everything and appearing distracted.
Chocolate Chip saw a butterfly and chased it towards the road. “NO!” Harper shouted. Grace didn't even look up from her suitcase and said “It's okay Harper. No cars are 300 miles from this place. Just go get him so he doesn't wander off.”. Harper gently put down the doll she had held on to since she left her house and bolted towards the dog.
Harper finally caught up with her excited dog right at the edge of the road. “Bad dog. No”. She grabbed him by the collar and brought him back to Grace even though he looked back a few times to see if the butterfly would come back.
“Come here baby.” Grace called for her dog as Harper picked up her doll that she meticulously laid on the ground worried that she would get a scratch.
Harper held out the doll to check for any damages when she realized something important. She gasped “Grace! I-I-I forgot my camera!”.
Chocolate Chip had already wandered off into the yard again. “Ugh Harper. Your camera doesn't control your life”. Grace told her sister who looked like she was about to cry.
Grace set down her suitcase, ran into the front yard and twirled. “Come on Harper! We are  in Cape Cod! Do you know how many people dream of coming here each year?” For the first time on this trip, Grace had smiled.
Grace ran back to Harper who was holding her doll close to her and said. “Come on sis. Let's go unpack and go to the park. We can go to the beach first thing tomorrow morning”. Grace was desperately trying to make her sister feel better because she knew how much she loved her camera.
Grace grabbed her suitcase and started running around with it and Chocolate Chip. “Well come on! You can have fun for a few days without your camera.”

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed (:

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