Monday, April 4, 2016

Rebecca's birthday -A photo story

Hello everyone. Do you know what day it is today? Today is Rebecca's birthday and all of my dolls are celebrating. I hope you enjoy my photo story for Rebecca’s birthday.

Samantha told Rebecca to meet her in the classroom to help her with her Math homework.
“Sam?” Rebecca shouted “Sam?” She asked again “SAMANTHA!” Rebecca said in frustration “Uggggh! That girl is never on time”. Rebecca looks down realizing the note Samantha left on her desk.
American Girl Doll Rebecca.jpg
Through her sloppy handwriting, Rebecca read the note. It read “Dear Rebecca, meet me in the courtyard -Sam.
“Why on earth would she want to meet me the courtyard?” Rebecca spoke to herself in frustration. “Wait a second, is it the 4th already? Oh my gosh, they remembered”. A huge smile formed on her face as she left the classroom on her way to the courtyard.
“Hello?” Rebecca gigged knowing what was about to happen “Sam, are you here?”
American girl doll birthday party.jpg
“Surprise!” All of her sisters shouted in unison. “Happy birthday Rebecca”
Rebecca had a bigger smile on her face than ever. Everyone had on birthday hats and there was a big buffet of ice cream on the table.

American Girl doll Samantha party.jpg
Rebecca then turned over to Samantha who appeared to be reaching to an ice cream Sundae but her arm passed the delicious treat and to the crown that mysteriously sat in the middle of the table.
Samantha picked up the crown and approached Rebecca.
“Rebecca Rubin, you have been my sister for about a year now and I am proud to be able to celebrate this special occasion with you and all of our other sisters so I hereby bestow upon you the honorable birthday crown”.
She then placed the crown on Rebecca’s head.
“T-T-T-Thank you Sam” Rebecca sputtered in with joy. She then stepped forward and gave Samantha a hug.
“I want in on that” Grace shouted with a huge grin. “Me too” Maryellen said “Me three” Kailey said.
Group hug.
She was so excited that she hadn't realized yet that Kailey was in a wheelchair! “Kailey, What happened to you?!” Rebecca asked in shock. “Oh this? Its nothing big, I just, I just can't walk anymore. Hannah doesn't have the money for it right  now but she will soon. My arms aren't that useful either but don’t worry about me. Today is your day! Let's have some fun!”
“Let them eat ice cream!” Maryellen shouted
“We have all different flavors” Grace gestured to the ice cream like a model on “The price is right”.
“Wow” Rebecca said in an excited tone. “You're right”  Maryellen told her “Take anything you want. It's your day which means you get whatever you want.”
“Wait, why is there pepsi?” Rebecca asked. “Oh, that is mine. What? just because it's your day doesn't mean I can't have a fun drink”. The girls all laughed.
American girl doll party.jpg
“Would her majesty like to have a seat in her throne?” Samantha asked pulling out a chair for her sister. “I would love to” Rebecca said in a fancy accent. Kailey went into a laughing fit and Maryellen offered her some Pepsi.
“I think i'll take the root bear float” Rebecca sad again in her awkward accent. Kailey started to crack up again as Grace slowly started reaching for the jumbo ice cream sunday.
Kailey started to crack up again as Grace slowly started reaching for the jumbo ice cream sundae. “Sweet! I get the lemonade!” Shouted Samantha.
“Wait a second” Samantha said after a sip of her lemonade “I have some big news.”
She took a few steps back to say “Kailey, you know how Hannah hasn't been able to pay for you to go to the American Girl doll hospital?” “Yeah” Kailey said with a sigh. “I felt that I should tell you all while we are all together celebrating and…” Samantha paused for a second “We're getting a new sister!” Graced gasped “What is her name?” “Where is she from?” Asked Kailey “What is she like” Rebecca asked after almost falling out of her seat.
“Grace, catch me” Maryellen said over dramatically. Grace slid a chair from another table under the falling Maryellen. “The only thing we know about her is what she looks like. She came from the American Girl adoption center in Wisconsin and she will be here in a few days”.
“I can't believe this” Rebecca said under her breath. “I'm getting ANOTHER sister?”.
“Are you okay Rebecca?” Samantha said sounding worried “You don't seem excited. We're getting another sister!” “Yeah. I'm okay” Rebecca said quiet. “I'll be okay”.
To be continued

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