Thursday, April 21, 2016

How to restore American girl doll hair/ how to curl American Girl doll hair or how to re-curl American Girl doll hair

Hey everybody. Today I want to show you how to restore American girl doll hair and curls. I would like to give a shout out to AGSnapshots from YouTube for inspiring this post. The fun part about my way to restore doll hair is that it does not involve heat! This is not to good to be true and I am excited to show you this method.

Step 1: Remove all clothes and hair accessories from your doll (I'm sorry this picture didn't come out too well).

Step 2: Completely brush out your doll’s hair. For this step, you will need a doll hairbrush and an optional spray bottle to remove knots easier. Typically, you don't want to brush out doll curls but here we will be re curling so it is okay.

Step 3 (optional): To help restore doll hair, you will need a sink so you should probably clean it up before use.

For this process, you will need shampoo and conditioner. I used Pantene classic clean shampoo and Suave almond + Shea butter conditioner but you can use any brand you would like.
You will also need 1 medium sized towel, 1-2 face cloths and optional safety pins.
Step 4: Wrap the towel around your doll. This will keep their cloth bodies nice and safe from water (Samantha looks like she's in a straight jacket (: ). If your towel easily unfolds like mine, you can pin it together like I did (you can be generous with the safety pins). Make sure you don't pin into her cloth body!

Step 5: Take your face cloth and you will gently put it on her face. I also pinned it in the back so it would not come off. This step is highly suggested because water can severely damage your doll’s head.

Step 6: Simply put your dolls wig in the sink and wet the hair with warm water. You also should before step 6 put your doll’s hair in a ponytail so washing it can be easier. I very much regret not doing this and I think Samantha’s wig is now damaged due to this. You do not want to get her wig wet

Step 7:  Apply shampoo to your doll’s hair but  keep it away from her wig. After that, make sure to completely wash it out. Repeat this step with Conditioner.
Step 8: Make sure you wash out all of the shampoo and conditioner in your doll’s hair and then wrap it up with a face cloth just like how you do a humans.

If you want to keep your doll’s hair straight, you are done and you should brush out her hair and fully dry it out. If you want to curl your doll’s hair, continue with the following steps.

Step 9: Remove protective cloth from your doll and get her ready for a hair appointment whether you typically brush her hair on your lap or in a styling chair etc. You will need bobby pins and doll hairbrush. If you did not pre-wash your doll’s hair, you will need a spray bottle.


Step 10: Fully brush out your doll’s hair (as I have previously stated, you typically don't want to brush out AG doll curls but here we will be curling your doll’s hair anyways). If you did not wash your doll’s hair, spray it down with lots of water.
Step 10 (optional): Use hair styling scissors to snip off some split ends or uneven hairs but remember not to do this without a parent's permission.
Step 11: Take the bottom layer of your doll’s hair and separate it from the rest of the hair like as shown.
Step 12: Separate a small part of your dolls hair and start twisting it.
Step 13: Twist it until it curls into a small bunch and pin it down with a bobby pin.

Step 14: Repeat steps 12-13 until you run out of hair on the bottom layer.
Step 15: Admire the fun hairstyle you have now created. Jk (:
Step 16: Take a new layer of hair and repeat steps 12-14 and do the same with the final layer of hair.

Step 17: Make sure you didn't leave out any extra pieces of hair and wait about 1 day or 24 hours to let it sit. During this time, you should spray the hair down with water. This will help it set but it is optional.
Step 17: Start to remove the bobby pins.
This next step is where it will be useful but not mandatory to use a hair pic.
Step 17: Now that the curlers are out, your doll’s hair might be a little bit crazy so what you can do now is gently pick at the hair with a doll pic or you can brush the hair as you would typically do with curls or just give it a little touch up with your fingers.
Ahhh. Isn't this much better (:

Step 18: Dress up your doll and enjoy your results. I am really happy with my results. Washing Sam’s hair made it a lot softer and definitely shinier. As you can tell, the curling worked as well. I hope this helped. Have you ever used this trick?

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  1. Thanks for making this! It is so helpful!

  2. Tysm for commenting. It is really nice knowing that someone really enjoys my posts like this. I'm glad that this was helpful to you (:

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