Monday, April 18, 2016

Lost dogs and Dandelions- A photo shoot

Hey everybody. I'm back from Quebec and I have a new photo story for ya. Sorry I took so long. I worked really hard on this photo story and it took a lot of time and effort so I hope you enjoy. I present to you “Lost dogs and Dandelions”

Grace was wandering around bored when she noticed a patch of dandelions.
She approached the dandelions with a newly formed smile on her face
A special one caught Grace’s eye and she picked it up. She held it up and gave a long stare at it.
American girl doll Grace.jpg
She sighed and laid down in the patch for a brief nap. She had always loved the outdoors so the green grass and the fresh air made it easy for her to fall asleep.
A few hours later, Rebecca took their dog Sugar for a walk overdressed as usual.
She had noticed her sister asleep in the dandelion patch and wondered if something was wrong.
“G-Grace? Grace are you okay? Grace?”
Grace sat up feeling embarrassed. “Oh, uh hi.” She blushed and bit her lip.
Rebecca gave her a sigh of relief. “Oh Grace, you almost gave me a heart attack.” She gave a shy wave and walked over to her sister. She sat down and asked Grace “So, whats up?”
Grace thought about how she would respond and then said “I was just taking a nap. You know, getting some fresh air, enjoying the flowers” Rebecca couldn't help but correct her “Actually, a dandelion is a weed and not a flower”
american girl doll outdoors.jpg
Grace gave a sigh and picked up another dandelion. Rebecca shouted making Grace jump and almost drop her dandelion “Oh, Oh, Oh! I have an idea!”
American girl doll summer dandylions .jpg
Rebecca ran behind Grace and asked her. “Can I please put dandelions in your hair?”. Grace knew how professional Rebecca was with hair and she told her yes.
After a few minutes, Rebecca finished her hair, jumped up, threw up her arms and yelled “Done!”.
“Does it look okay?” Grace asked her sister even though she knew that every hairstyle that Rebecca would make is an automatic masterpiece. “What do you think Grace? Of course it looks fantastic!”
Rebecca suddenly realized something really important. “OMG, OMG, OMG! Where is Sugar?”
“OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG she can't be lost. I am so irresponsible. I can't believe I let this happen. Grace, what do we do?!” Grace sat there in shock. She had only been with her family for 4 months so she had never really seen Rebecca freak out on something other than losing her makeup bag.
Grace put her arm on Rebecca and told her to calm down and that everything was going to be okay but Rebecca couldn't seem to look her in the eye. “What if she ends up in the pound or on the streets? Grace, she is 7 years old. She can't survive without us.”
american girl doll Grace and Rebecca.jpg
Rebecca turned her back on her sister and took a few steps back then turned around and threw her hands in the air. “Well what are you just standing there for? We need to find Sugar!"
Rebecca ran past her sister and turned around once again. “Let's split up. I'll take the back yard and you check the front. She most likely didn't go far. She is probably hiding under the house or a tree or something.”
Rebecca ran towards the back yard with great speed but with little grace unlike usual. For the first time ever, Grace saw her sister with a bad hair day.
Grace hadn't noticed but two of her tree dandelions fell out of her hair.
Grace speed walked towards the garage calling Sugars name when she heard some gentle whimpering. It was Sugar in one of her sister's old scooter.
Grace walked over to the scooter and shouted “Rebecca! Rebecca I found her!” Sugar whimpered again and hid more into the old scooter. “No, no Sugar. It's okay. It's me Grace”. She spoke in a soft and gentle voice. “Sugar?” Grace now sounded more concerned than gentle. The small old dog started to inch out of the scooter and Grace nearly jumped with excitement. “I am so glad you're okay”.
Before she knew it, Rebecca ran over nearly crying with joy. “Sugar! Come here baby.” Rebecca opened her arms out for the small dog.
Rebecca immediately sat with her back to the garage and held the old dog in her arms. “I am so sorry. She said with tears in her eyes. “I will never leave you again”. Grace stood awkwardly but then gestured towards the scooter. “You know Rebecca, we haven't used this scooter in a while and I was wondering, you know, if you want to ride it with Sugar and me?” Rebecca smiled and said “Yeah but the scooter can only hold one person at a time”
Before Rebecca knew it, Grace took the puppy and the scooter and attempted a getaway. “Hey! Get back here Grace!” Grace giggled. “You’ll have to catch me first! You know Where to find me.”
Grace started to slow down so her sister could catch up but then she remembered that Rebecca was the fastest girl on the track team at school so she frantically started picking up speed. By the time she got there, Rebecca was already there comfortably sitting down in the patch of dandelions. “What took you so long?”.
American girl doll Kits scooter.jpg
Grace backed away from the scooter. “Alright, alright. You won fair and square but I have Sugar on my side”. Sugar panted as she trotted out of the scooter to stand at Grace’s side.
Rebecca looked down at a dandelion and gently picked it from the ground. “You know what? I have an idea. Instead of running around in a scooter getting all dirty with Sugar who looks like she is going to get a heat stroke, how about I replace the dandelions that fell out of your hair.” Grace immediately reached to her hair and finally realized that the “flowers” in her hair had fallen out. “Oh no. I am so sorry Rebecca. I guess I was just stressed out about Sugar”.
Rebecca gave her a calm look that might have been because she was so hot. “That's okay. I'm just glad we got Sugar back.” She then took her freshly picked dandelion and weaved it into her sister's hair. “Let's get started”
This time Rebecca wove an extra dandelion into Grace’s hair. “Thanks Rebecca. You're the best”. Grace had never seen her sister’s hair so messy in her life. “Alright. Now it's my turn to do you”. Grace had a huge smile on her face thinking of the hairstyle she could use on Rebecca.
Grace remembered what Rebecca did when she originally finished her hair and repeated it. She put in the last dandelion in her sister’s hair, jumped up with her arms in the air and shouted “Done!”.
After they girls finished doing each others hair, they went of to run around and play with the scooter (this time they took turns) and returned Sugar to their house where she could cool down.

The end...

Unless you want to see some bonus pictures (:







American girl doll kit's scooter.jpg

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear what you think of my photo story in the comments (:


  1. That was such a cute story! I'm glad the girls found their dog. Oh, and I love Rebecca's hair. ;)

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  2. Thank you. That is really nice. I actually did not prepare on doing Rebecca's hair but after I did Grace's, I got inspired (: