Sunday, April 24, 2016

Meet Harper

Hi everybody. As you know, Truly Me is all about having the chance to really personalize your doll and that is why I got Harper in the first place. As you might already know, I have decided not to customize Harper to make her identical to me because I just love her how she is right now so much. I have also picked out some character traits and more for her so she can really have a fun personality.
I have decided to give Harper glasses and to keep her favorite color purple and I have decided to keep her love of photography (I will have a post for that soon).

She is a big animal lover and her favorite animals are dogs and giraffes.
I have also decided to give her a middle name. Her full name is Harper Noelle my last name. Noelle is also my middle name so she still has some things in common with me. I also think that the name Harper Noelle is pretty (:

To see a few fun pictures of her that I have already taken, you can click here.

To see her portfolio, click here.

(I was also wondering if any of you bloggers know how to publish a new page. I have tried selecting them and clicking the little publish button but that doesn't seem to work for me. Blogger says that it is published but you are unable to see them on my blog. I would really appreciate it if you could help me in the comments or by emailing me.)

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed.


  1. Lovely photos!������

  2. Lovely photos!������

  3. Thank you so much Buzzaboutag. That is so sweet <3