Sunday, April 10, 2016

Keep calm and love dolls

Hey everyone. I know the title of this post is random but it is fun (: PLEASE READ THIS FULL POST AND PLEASE DON'T ONLY READ HALF. 36 of you visited my blog yesterday and I am not happy to say that I had nothing new for you due to busyness. I know you don't want to hear excuses from me so I will let Sam explain (:

“Hey everybody. It me Sam and I'm going to keep this short and sweet.
You might be wondering why Hannah didn't post yesterday. You also might be wondering why I am wearing this and practically sweating through this outfit in April. IMG_0755.JPG
Don't worry. Usually posts like this end up with the blogger saying they are going to take a little break but that's not where I'm going with this. First of all, it is a lot harder to post every day than you think so she most likely won't post everyday but she promises to still post as often as possible.
For the next 5-6 days, Hannah won't be able to post because she is going to Quebec with her school! She has been waiting for this all year and she is really excited. That is also why she dressed me like this. She figured instead of creating a boring long post full of excuses, she made a short photo shoot out of it but this is the last picture so I am going to say ‘That’s all folks’. See you soon. Hannah has some fun things planned for when she comes back so don't lose touch. She also wants to know if you want to see some pictures of her trip even though they won't be of American Girl dolls.


  1. I like your blog! I like Sam's sweater. - Maddie Bruno

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  3. Vous avez aller au Quebec? C'est beaucoup de fun la! Je suis très excite a trouve votre blog! (Sorry my french is so rusty, haven't used it much since high school!) J'aime votre blog! Bon voyage!

  4. Merci beaucoup. Je suis vraiment excité (That is okay, I have only taken French for a few months). Merci pour commenter. (:

  5. Thank you Maddie. Sam's sweater is from Kirsten's collection (She is a retired AG doll). Thanks for commenting (: