Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Welcome home Harper

Hi everyone. Sorry that this is so late. I was having computer problems. That is what happens when my mom touches my computer. (: Today I have a continuation to yesterday's photo story "Rebecca’s birthday". This photo story is inspired by Smalldollsinabigworld’s americangirlartist. She is so creative and unique and I LOVE her work especially when it comes to photography and photo stories so I got her permission on making a photo story similar to one she has recently done. You might catch some similarities and differences between mine and hers but today I present to you “Welcome home Harper”.

“Pastries are ready sir”. Grace said placing her baked goods on to the table. Coconut ran in barking like crazy and jumped on Samantha.“Good. Uggh! Coconut not now!” Samantha responded in an agitated voice. “Rebecca help me!’ Samantha demanded. “But I'm checking the mirror. Don't you want every detail perfect?” “Aaahh! Coconut!” Samantha ended up on the floor with the eager puppy on her lap. “Come hear Coconut” said Rebecca rather annoyed.
Rebecca sat down next to her fallen sister as Coconut ran over to her.
“You okay Sam?” Grace reached over to help her sister on the floor. “I just want everything to be perfect”. “You need to loosen up”. Kailey said. “I’ll go help with the table now.” She spoke awkwardly.
“Maryellen. How is the bed set?” Maryellen spoke without turning around. “All set Sam.” Samantha started breathing heavily "Good.We need everything to be perfect. Keep at it."
Samantha turned over to Rebecca. “Rebecca, can you please make yourself useful?”     
“A few days ago I was a star.” Rebecca responded under her breath.
There was a sudden knock on the door. Samantha turned around instantly. “She’s here! She’s here OMG she’s here! Rebecca, bring Coconut into the other room and everyone else line up like we discussed!” She she sprinted towards the door in excitement.


Harper looked down to her directions. “This should be it.” She spoke to herself. “Here we go.”
She knocked on the door three times. There were butterflies in her stomach. “Here we go”. A girl with a warm smile appeared at the door out of breath.
“Hi. I’m Samantha but you can call me Sam. Come on in”. Samantha gestured for the girl to come in.
Samantha stuttered “I don't know if you already know this but I am your sister”. The girl looked confused. “What do you mean?” “Let me take your bag. I know that you know that you were adopted by Hannah and quite a few years ago, she adopted me. You also kind of have 4 other sisters”. Alright then. Close your eyes and follow me. We kind of have a surprise for you” The girl hesitated but eventually shut her eyes. "5 sisters?" She said surprised. "Just follow me" Samantha said starting to giggle.
“Surprise! Welcome home Harper!” Harper stood in shock with a huge smile on her face. She began to cry. “Thank you so much” She wiped the tears off of her face. “This is amazing”
Coconut started barking like crazy. “Oh my gosh! You have a puppy?!” Kailey smiled “No, we have a puppy well actually we have three puppies and two horses but this one just couldn't wait to see you.”
Coconut eagerly jumped onto Harper. “Hello little guy. Hello. Wait, Is it a boy or a girl?” Kailey responded “Her name is Coconut and yeah she is a girl”.
Maryellen stepped forward. “Hi. I'm Maryellen Larkin. I was the youngest in the family until today. I can't wait to see you all these cloths in the closet next to us. "The two girls hugged and Harper spoke “It is wonderful to meet you Maryellen”.
Grace stepped forward and Maryellen stumbled backwards almost falling onto her back. “Hi i'm Grace Tomas and I came a week before Maryellen. Do you like to bake?” Harper looked forward to Grace and said “Definitely! I love to bake. Especially cakes and cookies. My favorite part is getting to decorate them.” Grace’s face lit up with excitement “We are going to be great friends.” The two girls hugged as Rebecca approached Harper for an introduction.
Hello. Im Rebecca Rubin and I was the middle child before today. Hannah adopted me 2-3 years ago but time really flies here. Do you like to perform on stage like singing and dancing?” Harper gave a half smile and told her “I can't sing or dance but I do play the violin or at least I did before I moved here.”
“That will do” Rebecca smile and went in for a hug.
“Wow. It is so sweet. I am so glad to be a part of such a nice family. And to think, before today, I didn't even know I was going to have any sisters never mind 5!”. Harper said with tears still in her eyes.
Rebecca stepped back to let Kailey wheel over. “Hello.” She gave Harper a shy smile “I'm Kailey Hopkins. I love to surf and spend time at the beach. That might come as a shock due to my state right now but this is only temporary. Soon enough, Hannah will have enough money to give me the needed surgery at the American Girl hospital. She kinda used my surgery money on you but it was definitely worth it.” Kailey raised her arms for a hug and Harper gave her one starting to feel bad.
Coconut interrupted their hug with her extreme barking. “If all of your pets are like this then this must be a fun chaotic house”. Harper giggled as Kailey wheeled back.
She was approached by Samantha when she said “And you have already met me. Once again I'm Samantha Parkington. How about we give you a tour of your new room.” Samantha lead Harper over to the closet.
Coconut ran over to the closet and sat with her tongue sticking out. “I have never seen so many cloths on one place before. In fact I don't remember wearing any cloths other than the one I have on.” Maryellen squealed in excitement and then apologised.
 American girl doll party 2.jpg
Rebecca opened the second door to the closet. Harper screamed with joy. “Oh my gosh! This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!”
Harper rushed over to the closet full of shoes in excitement. “Well, you’ve seen nothing yet” Grace shouted. Harper looked at Grace and Squealed louder than before.
Harper turned around to see the biggest fanciest bed she had ever seen with an adorable stuffed animal and a new pair of pajamas.
"Hannah told me that you love stuffed animals and that your favorite animal is a panda so I got you this. Grace handed over a stuffed panda. “Oh my goodness thank you so much” Harper was now full on sobbing from joy.
“We also heard that you came from the truly me adoption center so we got you his poster. Kailey and I are from the American Girl of the Year adoption center and Rebecca, Sam and Maryellen are from the Historical adoption center that was renamed by the time she adopted Rebecca”.
Harper held the panda tight and said “Thank you. Thank you all so much. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me”.  Maryellen giggled “My turn.” Still hugging the panda, Harper turned to the table full of pastries and drinks.
“Awwww. That is so sweet.” Harper said with her face nuzzled into the head of her panda. “We didn't know which drink you like so we got  you a few different choices. Grace also made you some fresh macarons from scratch.
“Oh and my present for you is this doll. I heard from Hannah that you had quite the collection of dolls at the adoption center” Harper laughed and said “Thank you so much. You all are so thoughtful.” Harper didn't reach for the doll because she still wanted to hold on to the panda.”Lets get to eating! Once you eat one of Grace's pastries, you will never go back!” Rebecca said while suddenly sliding over to the box.
“Rebecca!” Maryellen said almost whining. “Let Harper have the first one”. Rebecca shoved one in her mouth. “Too late” She said still chewing.

Later that day…

Harper was relaxing on her bed when Rebecca came in.
“Hey Rebecca. What’s up? I am loving this book from Samantha”.
Rebecca set down a bag from American Girl and Harper jumped out of her bed. Rebecca told her it was a little present to her new sister.
“Aww Rebecca that is so sweet. You didn't need to get me anything”.
Harper gasped. “No way, no way, no way!!!!!!!!!!”
Harper pulled out of the bag a pink camera. “This was the best day I have ever had! And now this?! Oh my goodness! This is amazing!”
“Am I dreaming?” Harper asked with bliss.
Harper set the camera down gently on the table and gave Rebecca a huge bear hug. “Thank you so much.”

Welcome home Harper.

Fun fact: Every character trait that Harper has is based on me for example my favorite animal is a panda. How many things did you learn about me today?

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