Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to pack for your AG dolls on vacation

Hey everybody. About a week ago I went to Cape Cod at my grandfather’s house and I brought Grace and Harper with me. I have a few different Cape Cod themed posts and I want to start with how I packed for my dolls given by the amazing Harper.
“Hey everybody. It’s me Harper and i’m in Cape Cod Massachusetts with my awesome sister Grace. This is my first time away from home since Hannah unboxed me and I am super excited. As you know, I am a mini doll collector so I get the honor of presenting to you 'how to pack for your AG dolls on vacation'.
The first thing you want to pack for your doll would be her/his personal accessories like headgear, glasses or even a lucky charm. If your doll has anything special to them, you should bring it but only bring it if you think you will need it.
Next, you need a doll sized suitcase. You can not leave your house without this.
Just kidding. (: You can always use a sandwich bag or other small bags/containers to hold you doll things like this sandwich bag Hannah used to carry Grace’s and my shoes.
Tbh, Hannah actually put all of my cloths in this AG suitcase :D
Here, we have a picture of all of the cloths that Hannah packed for Grace and me. The amount of cloths all depends on what you want. Think about the different pictures you are going to take and consider how many outfits each one will take. Since Grace and I are going to the beach and we are staying a few nights, Hannah packed us 2 swimsuits, 2 pairs of pj’s, a bonus outfit and an extra skirt.
The same thing goes with shoes. Hannah packed Grace’s and my slippers, flip flops and swim shoes (She forgot the other swim shoe at her house so Grace has to go to the beach barefoot). Keep in mind that both Grace and I are wearing casual sneakers and boots on right now.
You also want to consider the other accessories to come with you. A fun thing to do is to make a theme. Some examples of these could be if you are visiting somewhere snowy or sunny, the city, the suburbs or the country or you can do what I have which is a beach theme.
YOU WILL ALWAYS need this next item. Remember to always bring a doll hairbrush! AG dolls have very nice wigs that need to be cared for. There are very few dolls who can go through a vacation without a hairbrush. Hannah loves to do her doll's hair so she brought this Truly Me box full of hair accessories and a bun helper. You also might want to keep in mind that you should bring a short haired doll or a doll with straight hair so it isn't too hard to maintain her hair and when traveling, try to keep her hair up in a ponytail or a bun so it doesn't get messed up in your bag or suitcase.
And last but not least, remember to bring the fun little props to make your pictures more interesting in a photo shoot but always remember to not over pack. You don't want to have an overflowing bag full of things you don't need.”
Thanks for reading. I hope this was useful (:

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