Saturday, April 2, 2016

AGSnapshots hairstyle on Grace

Hey everyone. I can't believe I only have 2 more weeks until my school trip! I have been waiting for this all year and I’m leaving the country for the first time. But i'll tell you about that later. Today I want to introduce this new hairstyle I sort of came up with. You might think that this looks similar to a hairstyle that Americangirlfan came up with recently but I actually did not get this from her. I was actually trying a hairstyle on Grace that was done by AGSnapshots but due to the fact that Grace's hair is layered, I was unable to complete it so I did a fancy way to tie it up.
AG snapshots has some great hair tutorials and I really wanted to put this on grace
What I did was I followed the steps for AGSnapshots video and then when it didn't work out for the third time due to Grace’s hair being layered and to do the crossing, I simply braided the mini braids. I also only made two braids instead of three then I just took a small section of hair in the middle.
I really like this hairstyle and I plan on using it a lot on Grace and my other dolls this summer.

I hope you enjoyed and have a great Saturday.