Saturday, May 14, 2016

My dream vacation

Hey everybody. Today,  want to tell you about my dream vacation. Don’t worry, this is all about american girl. For the last 5 years, I have not received a birthday present from my parents because I wanted to save up my birthday presents for this trip. You might recognise this from American girl doll catalogs or even the website. My dream vacation is to visit the American Girl doll partnering hotel in New York. I have to say, I am a little bit scared because in 2017, they will have an all new AGPNY and they might not have the hotels so I really hope I can go this year.
I have wanted this for about 6 years now and I really hope I can eventually go.  I am really scared because soon, American Girl will be moving the store to a new location (I will have a post on that soon) and I don't think they will still have it available because all of the AG hotels are a short distance away from the store. I really hope I can go this winter.
The American girl doll partnering hotels are a typically close to the stores.
The best part of the American girl doll hotels are the amazing things that they include. What each hotel gives you can vary but typically, the things that they include are an adorable pink room as shown above from the fabulous deenaandbeena, milk and cookies for you and your doll, sometimes a personal shopper, one hotel I found gave you a coupon for their gift shop and your own doll sized bed to keep! I also found one hotel that gave a robe for you and your doll (not to keep but still was adorable) and a hotel that gave goodie bags.

Here is the best part in my opinion. This is a picture of the doll bed that you will get in any of the hotels around the U.S.A (Doll and outfit not included). You get a fold out bed, a reversible blanket and a pillow. How adorable is this?
Here's one last beautiful picture of a room (insert heart eyes emoji). What do you think of the American Girl hotel? Have you ever been? If you want to take a tour of a room, click here.

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