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Getting ready for AGIG Prom

Bonjour mes amis. Some of you might know what AGIG prom is but some of you might not. AGIG is AG Instagram and tomorrow is a special day. To celebrate AGIG prom, you can take pictures of your dolls at a doll prom and use a special hashtag so others can see your work when you post the picture on Instagram. For this special occasion, I made a photo story to share with you. Sadly, AGIG Prom was moved tomorrow but Ill show you this photo story today. I present to you “Getting ready for AGIG prom” a photo story.
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Rebecca just got out of her shower and went into her room when she saw Maryellen and a bunch of other beauty products, a styling chair, some outfits and a row of shoes and earrings. “Surprise! Do you like what I did with the place? Dont worry. Ill put everything back to normal later”.
Rebecca was in shock at what was around her. “Maryellen, what is all this?” she asked while looking around at all of the new things around her “And where did you get it?”. “Don't worry about all that. I've got you covered. I am going to help you get ready for AGIG prom! Didn't you say you were going with someone. Was is Brady or Bruce or…” Rebecca interrupted her with a blush “It's Ben and yeah we're going together but it's not a big deal.” Maryellen shrugged and moved on “Let me show you what we have to work with.”
“Hannah gave me these boxes of hair supplies. We have some nice stuff”.

Maryellen picked up a bottle of water. “I have more of these in my room, you need to stay hydrated”, After taking a small sip of her water, Maryellen gestured towards the salon chair “Next we have this nice salon chair Hannah also gave us and some dresses from the closet in Harper’s room.”
“Wow” Rebecca said while admiring the huge salon chair and the beautiful clothes hung on it.
The two girls walked over to the pile of random hair accessories on the floor next to the salon chair. “Next, we have this pile of hair accessories. We have tools and accessories. Sadly, this came from my room so it isn't exactly as neat and organized”.
Rebecca turned around and her eyes were suddenly glued to the shoes and earrings in a neat row on the floor. “I see that you like the shoes I picked out. I'm glad, I didn't think you would like them.” Rebecca started to speak “They are a bit random but I trust that they match each of these fabulous dresses perfectly”. Rebecca smiled as her eyes converted to the earrings.
“Thank you so much Maryellen. This is so incredible. Thank you”. Rebecca felt overwhelmed with joy. “Oh Rebecca” Maryellen responded “Thank me after you have the best prom experience ever”.
“Alright then.” Maryellen gestured towards the salon chair “Go ahead. Let me see you without hair and makeup for the first time.” She gave a soft but evil laugh and pushed a stool behind the chair so she could reach her sister’s head.
Rebecca giggled and sat down in the salon chair. “Wow Maryellen. Since when did you get so maniacal ?”.
Maryellen slowly lifted her hand to the towel. “And the big reveal”.
“Wow”. Rebecca sighed with a small giggle. “Shut up. I trust you. Don’t ruin that”.
Maryellen started toying with Rebecca’s hair “Lets get started”.
A few minutes later Maryellen finished. “Oh no. Rebecca I forgot. Before I do any styling, we need to pick out a dress.”
Maryellen jumped off her stool to get  to the bins of hair products and styling tools. “Well come on Rebecca. We don't have all day”. As Rebecca jumped off her salon chair, she told her that they actually did.
“Alright. Let's get picking”
Maryellen took a dress off of the rack. “Today is your day and you can chose which ones you like and don't like. We have plenty to chose from”.
Maryellen gave the dress to Rebecca and Rebecca said “Isn't this the dress I wore on Christmas?” Maryellen hesitated and then finally said “Yes. Do you like it for prom?” “No. It looks to much like it is for Christmas or a holiday and it is too classy for prom”.
“That's okay. We have plenty of other outfits. Wait a second”. Maryellen grabbed a purple dress with a matching coat “How did this get here?”. Rebecca’s mouth opened “Oh my gosh golly. This is the outfit I wore on my first day coming here”. Maryellen put the dress back on the salon chair and pulled out another one.
“What is the theme snow queen? I'm sorry, that was mean. I guess I just really need a nice dress and were running out of options”. Maryellen sighed “Alright. I'm just trying to help. These two are more spring like”.
Maryellen grabbed another dress as she put the snow queen dress back. “See? This one is better; right?” She handed it to Rebecca so she could get a closer look at the flower detail. “This is the dress I wore for Easter Maryellen. It looks too fancy and it reminds me of Easter”. Maryellen took the dress back to the salon chair and sighed “Now you're just getting picky. This is the last one so if you don't like it, I don't know what we'll do”.
“Wow. That is gorgeous! OMG I think this is the one. Let me see it”.
Maryellen passed the dress to her impatient sister “I'm glad you like it. Here”. Rebecca took the dress and gave it a closer look “It is perfect. I love it.” Maryellen bit her lip which she only did when she was nervous. “Maryellen, are you okay?” Rebecca asked. Maryellen took a deep breath “It might be a little big on you. Its kind of a Large”. Rebecca’s eyes opened “A Large?! I'm a small. You know what. I'm going to go try it on. This is going to fit whether it likes me or not”. Rebecca stormed into the bathroom looking over confident.
Rebecca’s checks were soaked with tears as she started to sob in the bathroom. “Rebecca?” Maryellen asked “Is the dress on? Are you okay? Rebecca, come out” .
Rebecca came out of the bathroom and Maryellen knew that she was crying so she went up to her sister and gave her a hug. “It's okay Rebecca”. Rebecca broke out of the hug and snapped back “No it's not Maryellen. This was the last dress and Hannah can't just go to the AG Store whenever we feel like it!”.
Maryellen walked back to the stool behind the salon chair and grabbed a large jar full of safety pins.
“Turn around. Ill fix it. I haven't given you a reason not to trust me yet”.
Rebecca turned around slightly hyperventilating and Maryellen started pinning parts of the dress together.
When Maryellen pinned in the last safety pin, she took a few steps back to observe. “That doesn't look so bad. Turn around”.
Rebecca turned around to face her sister and Maryellen opened her mouth with a huge smile “Perfect! Wait...”
Maryellen glared at the ruffles in the dress and turned around to grab one more thing.
“Once you put this skirt under your dress, you will have the best outfit in the whole prom.”
Maryellen walked over to Rebecca and told her that she found it at a yard sale “Typically you would want to use a crinoline but this will work because if it sticks out on the bottom, it will blend in and maybe even look prettier. This will help layer your dress”
She then handed the skirt to Rebecca. “Are you sure this will work?” She shrugged “I guess I might as well try it. You've been right on everything so far”. Rebecca walked into the bathroom to try on the skirt.
Rebecca walked out of the bathroom and said “ Hugh. You really put some thought into this haven't you? This looks great.” Maryellen blushed “Oh you know. I just wanted this to be a night for you to remember. Alright, let's do your hair all nice”.
Maryellen walked back to the salon chair “Come on. Sit down and get comfortable. I know how to make this a game”.
After Rebecca sat down in the salon chair, Maryellen told her to turn her head so she could get a fun hair accessory from the pile. “Rebecca Rubin, come on down to the hair accessory is right”. Maryellen giggled as she sorted through the pile hair accessories.
“Found one!” Maryellen shouted as she pulled a small tiara out of the pile. “I don't think so. What if I am crowned as prom queen? That would be awkward”. Rebecca smiled at the thought of becoming prom queen as she turned her head so Maryellen could pick out a new hair accessory.
Maryellen went back to sorting through her pile of hair accessories as Rebecca started to ramble on about how she wanted to be prom queen.
Maryellen jumped up with three different cream and pink colored hair bows that matched Rebecca’s dress. “How about these? I think they could look adorable if you let me play around with your hair a little bit”. Rebecca took a closer look at  the three hair bows and told Maryellen that she liked them but only wanted one in her hair. “You can choose which one”. She told Maryellen who was already running over to her stool behind the chair.
Maryellen finally got on the stool and started putting the hair bows next to Rebecca’s hair for inspiration. “Oh, Oh, Oh! I've got it! I know exactly what i'm going to do”. Rebecca smiled “What is it?” Maryellen looked down at her sister “I ain't going to tell you now! It's going to be a surprise and if you hate it, I will start over. You know how I feel about hair”.
A few minutes later, Maryellen finished Rebecca’s hair.
Maryellen walked over to the line of shoes and picked up the earring holder. “Before you go into the bathroom to see what an amazing job I did on your hair, try on some earrings”.
“There are a lot of different options but I know we can make a good decision”.
“I suggest these”.
Rebecca put on a few different pairs “Hmm. I can't decide if I should have the pearl earrings regular or with the extra part”. Maryellen put the earring holder down next to the shoe line and told Rebecca to go check them both in the mirror “That way you can also see if you like your hair or not even though I know you will love it”.
Rebecca checked her hair and earrings in the mirror and decided to use the extra piece with her pearl earrings “I love this hair. Maryellen, you are a genius”. Maryellen bushed “You know it! Now let's get onto the shoes”.
Rebecca looked down at the line of shoes before her and realized that not many go well with her outfit. Before she was super excited to try on the shoes but now she was worried that none of them would go with her outfit.
But then, one pair caught her eye. They looked perfect for the outfit but Rebecca learned from the dress that she shouldn't get her hopes too high on one particular thing.
Rebecca picked up the pair of shoes and held them up for Maryellen to see and Maryellen responded “Well, what are you waiting for? Try them on. Your a 6 right?”
Rebecca slipped on the shoes and glanced back up at Maryellen “Perfect” she told her.
The girls stood in silence for a minute while Rebecca was admiring her new dress and shoes. Rebecca looked up at Maryellen with a huge smile on her face and walked over to her sister for a hug “Thank you so much Maryellen. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me you know, after Hannah adopting me.”
“Oh! I'll go get Harper. She can take some pictures before prom!” Maryellen left the room to go get Harper.
A few minutes later, Maryellen came back with Harper and her camera “Wow Rebecca. You look even prettier than usual”. Rebecca blushed “Aww thank you. It was all because of Maryellen”. The two girls looked over to Maryellen and then Maryellen gave an attempt to change the subject “Alright then, let's get to the pictures”.
Harper smiled and looked at Rebecca one last time and then she started giving orders “Okay Rebecca, go stand over there and look pretty. Maryellen, do you mind standing to the side?” Harper pointed to the corner she wanted Rebecca to go to and started positioning her as Maryellen started walking to the other side of the room.
And then she took pictures!






Thanks or reading. Happy AGIG Prom (:

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