Friday, June 17, 2016

Wellie Wishers

The names of the dolls are ( Left to right) :  Emerson, Camille, Kendall, Willa and , Ashlyn

Hey everybody. Today I want to tell you about something new coming to American Girl. American Girl has come up with a new type of doll called Wellie Wishers. Sadly, American girl is retiring Bitty Twins to make room for Wellie Wishers. A little while ago, we weren't sure if American Girl was going to retire Bitty Twins and Bitty Babies but thankfully, American Girl will only be retiring Bitty Twins. The official release date is June 23rd.  If you want to learn more about Wellie Wishers, you can click here. That link will bring you to the American Girl website with an adorable video and some really pretty pictures.  If you have an Instagram account and you want to see some more pictures of Wellie Wishers, you can click here. Whether you have Instagram or not, this link should still bring you to the official Wellie Wishers official Instagram account. Do you plan on getting a Wellie WIsher?

Here are some more pictures of Wellie Wishers:

I would also like to give a big thank you to Jessica from for leting me use these pictures. Her blog is amazing and I look at it every day.

One last thing! I am really sorry If I don't post much soon. I have been having some computer problems and I can't get my pictures from my camera into my computer. On the bright side, I have a super special surprise. Today, I am going to the Lea Clark movie premier and I will get Lea :D

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  1. They aren't actually retiring the bitty twins (Thankfully) just taking them out of the stores. The rest of you info is correct though!